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How our total reseed package can save you 70% of the cost of returfing

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There’s nothing quite like a pristine lawn to set your garden alight. If your grass has seen better days, or your garden is crying out for a little TLC, you might be thinking of investing in some new turf. Before you splash out, allow us to tell you about Top Grass’ Total Reseed package, a comprehensive lawn solution that could save you up to 70% of the cost of returfing.

Introducing the Total Reseed package

The Total Reseed package is a solution, which is designed for lawns that are worn, dry, and patchy. If your grass is more drab and sad than dazzling or sparkling, this could be the ideal option for you. Capable of transforming your garden, saving money, and giving your home serious curb appeal, this is a package that constitutes a dramatic lawn makeover.

The Total Reseed package is the most intensive lawn service on offer, and it caters for lawns that are on their last legs. If your garden is displaying signs of neglect, or the weather has taken its toll, this package will revitalise and rejuvenate the lawn, giving the exterior of your home a brand-new look. The package includes all year round treatments to nourish the turf, as well as pre-renovation treatment, a Total Reseed renovation day, late autumn and winter germination checks, and spring patch seeding. The package is available from £36.75 per month.

Lush lawns for less

Many of us love nothing more than soaking up the sunshine and enjoying time out in the garden. Even on a grey day, being outside can be incredibly relaxing. If your garden isn’t currently the tranquil haven you crave, you don’t have to spend a fortune to design a space that looks fabulous and provides a base for unwinding and spending quality time with family and friends. The Total Reseed package is designed to provide an affordable, simple, quick garden makeover. In short, you get great grass for less.

If your lawn is in a state, you may be toying with the idea of returfing, but there is an alternative. While the cost of returfing is likely to exceed £2,000 for a lawn measuring 140 square metres, the Total Reseed package achieves the same results at a fraction of the price. If you’re looking to save and enjoy a new and improved garden, it’s well worth considering treating and nourishing your grass with the Total Reseed bundle. For those concerned about creating a healthy lawn, the quality of the grass seed used is also much higher than the equivalent returfing option.

The Total Reseed plan

If you opt for the Total Reseed package, the optimum renovation period is August-October. The first phase of action is a pre-renovation treatment, which will be applied a few weeks before the planned renovation day. Germination checks are conducted in autumn and winter along with year-round seasonal treatments.

Does your heart drop every time you look out on the garden and see a patchy, worn lawn? If so, don’t despair! With Top Grass’ Total Reseed package you could have a stunning, healthy-looking garden without breaking the bank.

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“TopGrass have demonstrated a very professional approach to lawn treatment service. They offer their customers the best quality service, based on sound turf knowledge, aiming for long term customer satisfaction”

Derek Walder, BEM, Past President of Institute of Groundsmanship

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"My grass is now much greener than before and weed free. It also withstood the wear and tear from my children much better!"

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