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Late Summer Lawn Treatment

Late summer lawn treatment by TopGrassAs we enter the warmest part of the year, our Late Summer Lawn Treatment promotes more growth and colour through these dry months. The fully coated fertiliser used at this time of year protects the lawn against scorching and will slowly release nutrients into the soil in a controlled manner. The fertiliser, however, is not enough to maintain a healthy lawn during hot weather, therefore, in dry conditions, your lawn will need to be regularly watered to ensure the plant stays healthy and the fertiliser nutrients are ‘watered in’ to penetrate and reach the root zone. We advise watering in the early morning or evening, using a sprinkler attachment (not a hand held hose) and leaving the device in each area for at least an hour to ensure the plant receives the moisture it requires.

Summer flowers in bloomA targeted liquid weed killer will then control any of those pesky weeds that have crept into the lawn during this growth period.

How does our late summer lawn treatment work?

The fully coated, extended release fertiliser is used during this warm season to protect the grass plant against scorching. The high Nitrogen content is specifically designed for use in extended hot, dry spells. The slow release property allows the nutrients to be gradually released for up to 10 weeks.

Our Late Summer lawn treatment formula comprises:

  • Nitrogen and macro-nutrients in a coated form for a scorch free release of nutrients, encouraging plant strength and colour

pond life in summerThe selective weed killer applied provides efficient control of turf weeds, again taking effect through the foliage of the weed plant. The application is rain fast within one hour, at which point any rain or irrigation will not affect the treatment.

The Late Summer Lawn Treatment also prepares the lawn should any renovation work (aeration, scarification or overseeding) be required in the autumn.


Beautiful results of our late summer lawn treatment When? July - September

What? Fully coated granular controlled release fertiliser and a targeted liquid weed killer forms part of our late summer lawn treatment programme.

Why? Boosts growth, strengthens turf, improves colour and health, controls weeds.

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derek walder BEM

“TopGrass have demonstrated a very professional approach to lawn treatment service. They offer their customers the best quality service, based on sound turf knowledge, aiming for long term customer satisfaction”

Derek Walder, BEM, Past President of Institute of Groundsmanship

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"My grass is now much greener than before and weed free. It also withstood the wear and tear from my children much better!"

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