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Lawn Renovation

Through aeration, scarification and overseeding at the right time of year TopGrass will keep your lawn in great condition all year round. This process will improve your soil condition by allowing it to breathe easier.

Aeration – All Year Round

Lawn treatment in processAeration is a key factor in keeping lawns healthy and green, as like us, your lawn and the soil beneath it need to breathe.

TopGrass use a professional cam driven machine which creates hundreds/thousands of holes in your lawn, piercing the soil profile. The machine does not just spike the ground, it also heaves and agitates the soil as it goes, fracturing the soil structure. On a golf course, greenkeepers may do this 3 or 4 times a year!

Benefits of Aerating are:

Air can get down to the root zone, which allows the grass plant to breathe. This also oxygenates the bacteria living in the soil, which helps to break down the fertiliser.

Water is able to penetrate the soil and reach the root system more effectively.

Fertiliser nutrients have improved access to the root system.

Compacted soil is fractured allowing the root system to grow and spread more easily.

This service is mainly offered during the spring/summer months, but can also be carried out alongside scarification and over seeding in the autumn.


Prior to scarifying, a ferrous sulphate based moss treatment is vital to the process and will achieve much better results by blackening and desiccating (de-hydrating) the top layers of moss, allowing the scarifier to efficiently remove significantly more unwanted matter from the lawn. In its desiccated state, the ability of the moss spores to reproduce will also be greatly inhibited. By improving the environmental factors coupled with regular seasonal treatments throughout the year, conditions for healthy lawns will prevail.

Mico-nutrients present in the moss treatment will also aid general health, colour, and a quicker recovery of the lawn post-scarification.

Scarification - Autumn

This professional machine is like a vertical lawnmower. “Thatch” is the dead organic material which collects at the soil surface, encouraging moss and causing health problems for grass.

If your lawn has heavy moss or heavy thatch (old dead grass material) then it needs to be scarified out. Scarification will also likely be required if your lawn has not been scarified in the last 18 months. Think of it as a spongy mattress lying across your lawn which stifles the grass plant, leading to yellow/brown patches, uneven shoot growth, poor root growth and restricted flow of air, water and nutrients to the roots. Scarifying removes this “mattress”, generating a flush of new growth and improving the appearance and the health of your lawn.

Scarifying machines either have prongs (amateur machines) or blades (professional machines) which cut vertically into the lawn to drag out the moss/thatch. Scarifying a lawn will normally make a lawn look quite poorly for a time, but it normally recovers within 4-6 weeks and the fresh growth will give a much improved appearance. Regular mowing after this process will also help the lawn recover more quickly and will encourage the lawn to thicken out.

Overseeding - Autumn

Problems of bare patches and thin lawns can be solved by overseeding lawns at the correct time of year using our professional equipment and a high quality seed mixture, all at a fraction of the cost of returfing. This is usually required for those lawns that need a bit of extra attention, usually when the moss/thatch has built up quite heavily in the lawn. Overseeding is carried out together with scarifying as the bare areas created by the removal of the debris will then require seeding.

This service is offered during the autumn as the weather conditions are perfect this time of year.

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Derek Walder, BEM, Past President of Institute of Groundsmanship

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