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Total Package

What is the Total Package?

The Total Package includes all the treatments found in the Basic Package, plus a Total Reseed Renovation Service. This package is designed as an alternative option to returfing or as an option to simply improve the quality of the grass types in your lawn.

This service significantly reduces the moss and thatch levels in order to prepare for a full overseed. We then provide follow-up care and advice to ensure that the lawn germination progresses as expected. 

Once a customer has this service package, we then advise the Enhanced package to be carried out every 1-3 years to ensure the lawn stays in top condition. Subsequent regular lighter scarification through the Enhanced package will then mean that the time between requiring the Total package is much longer as you are keeping your lawn in good condition over the years.

What does this package include?

The package includes the following:

Basic 5 Lawn Treatment Program:

Total Reseed Renovation Service:

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