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Will my new build house garden benefit from a TopGrass treatment?

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Designed to deliver exceptional lawn care TopGrass treatment is ideal for gardens, lawns, and yards of any size. Using professional equipment, advanced methods, and expert knowledge, TopGrass has been created to offer professional results in residential environments.

Established homeowners who have resided in the same property for years are often familiar with the care their lawn and garden needs, but new build owners may not be aware of the necessary maintenance required. Of course, one of the advantages of purchasing a new build home is that everything should be in perfect condition, including the external space.

However, this doesn’t mean your lawn and garden doesn’t require on-going maintenance. Whilst your lawn may be lush and green when you first move into a new build house, it won’t stay that way without some TLC and expert lawn treatment.

Can it benefit from a lawn treatment straight away?

In the vast majority of cases, your new build house garden will benefit from a lawn treatment as soon as you move in. Although the lawn may be relatively new or may have been reseeding following the construction process, maintaining your lawn is vital to keeping it healthy and green.

Furthermore, the seasons may have changed since the lawn was originally laid, and so you’ll need to consider whether it’s an appropriate time to apply a spring, summer, autumn or winter treatment to your lawn. The changing weather conditions have a significant impact on your garden, and your lawn will need specific nutrients and treatments during certain times of the year.

In addition to this, the earth under and surrounding a new build property has been recently excavated. As a result of the construction works undertaken to create your new build house, the soil may have been replaced and the earth’s natural eco-system will have been interrupted. As a result, you can’t be sure that your lawn will get even a fraction of the nutrient it requires.

By using an appropriate TopGrass treatment as soon as you move into your new build property, you can ensure your lawn is well-maintained and remains in the best possible condition.

Which Top Lawn treatments are right for a new build house?

The Top Lawn treatments you’ll need will depend on the condition of your lawn when you move in. Whilst a Total Reseed Package is ideal for lawns which require an overhaul, most new build properties should have a well-laid lawn, so this won’t be required straight away.
Providing your new build garden lawn is in good condition from the outset, you may want to opt for the Standard Package of TopGrass treatments. Combining Spring, Early Summer, Late Summer, Late Autumn, and Winter Treatments, as well as Summer Solid Tine Aeration, you can apply the relevant treatment as soon as you move in and maintain your lawn throughout the year.

There are occasions when new build properties don’t come with a pristine, picture-perfect lawn, so if you’re concerned about the condition of your lawn when you move in, you may want to consider the Lawn Improver Package to enhance your lawn.

With a range of TopGrass treatments available, it’s easy to find one which suits your needs. If your new build property comes with a finished garden and lush lawn, maintaining the area as soon as you move in is a great way to ensure your lawn will flourish in the long-term.

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“TopGrass have demonstrated a very professional approach to lawn treatment service. They offer their customers the best quality service, based on sound turf knowledge, aiming for long term customer satisfaction”

Derek Walder, BEM, Past President of Institute of Groundsmanship

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