TopGrass lawn care, do you want a beautiful lush green lawn?

Top Grass Professional Lawn TreatmentTopGrass was launched in 2005 with the aim of offering a top quality lawn care using the knowledge, materials and equipment of the professional groundsman and applying it to domestic lawns.

TopGrass is an independent lawn treatment company set up by two partners whose backgrounds combine experience in treating professional lawns and sportsturf with business expertise from working in quality-driven blue chip companies.

TopGrass professional lawn treatments

TopGrass uses the same products and type of equipment which is used on professional lawns and sportsturf. This enables TopGrass to provide you with the best lawn care service possible and give you the lush green lawn you always wanted.

TopGrass buys professional lawn care products in bulk so that we can offer you lawn treatments and service at the same cost or less than DIY.

Topgrass reseeded lawn

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"My grass is now much greener than before and weed free. It also withstood the wear and tear from my children much better!"

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