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TopGrass Benefits and Perks

We are a family-run business that believes in the importance of a healthy work-life balance and we are committed to supporting this through a comprehensive and generous salaried package that includes various benefits and perks for our employees.

Here are just a few of the benefits of working for TopGrass:

  • Salary
    • Paid in the third week of the month rather than the last week. Facilitating ease of paying bills etc.
  • Commission
    • All employees earn a 5% commission on any work sold and completed.
  • Sick Pay
    • You are entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (‘SSP’) during periods of sickness absence. After 4 days of sickness, you are entitled to SSP at the Government issued rate until well enough to work. TopGrass offers payment over and above SSP based on the number of years of service at the company.
  • Paid emergency/compassionate leave
    • We offer a number of paid days for emergency or compassionate leave a year. The statutory requirement is only for unpaid leave.
  • Maternity Leave Pay
    • We top up the first 6 weeks of SMP to 100% after you have been with the company for over a year.
  • Paternity Leave Pay
    • We offer the first week of Paternity paid at full salary, rather than at the statutory rate.
  • Performance Development Scheme
    • We offer a comprehensive development scheme for every employee in the company whereby employees are supported through in-house coaching/mentoring by line managers and senior management in order to acquire knowledge and skills identified by employees themselves during Performance development sessions. There is also the opportunity for external training and qualifications to be gained.
  • Training
    • A high standard of training is essential at TopGrass and is provided and paid for by the company. Such training includes the Performance Development Scheme, training workshop days, regular review programme, seasonal team in-house training, HR training, essential skills training, cross-field training (if requested). In-house training is provided with no loss of daily pay rate and lunch is provided by the company.
  • Team Building Days
    • Team Building is crucial in creating a strong team and company ethos. These days help to ensure that all TopGrass employees feel integrated into the company with a strong professional support system behind them while creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere within teams and throughout the company as a whole.
  • Company Vehicle Provided for Lawn Technicians
    • A company van is provided to travel to and from work for field technicians. This enables employees to avoid the personal cost of a vehicle to get to and from work. ( Fuel, wear and tear on the vehicle, etc).
  • Christmas Break Scheme
    • Annualised/compressed hours scheme to facilitate a close down at Christmas with no loss of statutory annual leave allowance.
  • Career Progression Pathway Provided
    • We provide a clear progression path for employees so they can see where their careers can take them at TopGrass. This demonstrates clear opportunities for promotions and gaining valuable skills.
  • Break Out Facilities Provided
    • Complimentary refreshments provided by the company: tea, coffee, soft drinks. Also frequently supplied with snacks such as cakes, chocolate, biscuits, etc. Break out area with Table Football and TV in situ.
  • Work Devices
    • Lawn Technicians are provided with work smartphones to easily and conveniently facilitate their day's work.
  • Paid Overtime
    • Although we do not have a contractual basis for paying overtime, this is often paid as a thank you to loyal and supportive employees. 
  • Well-Being Support
    • We provide well-being support wherever possible to our employees. This can be such things as financial, emotional, or health-based. 
  • Annual Leave Flexibility
    • We offer flexibility on contractual annual leave for special circumstances
  • Employee Consultation
    • We consult employees through the means of 'working parties' for each team on policies and procedures in order to empower employees and provide a sense of partnership within the company. We have a 'we are all leaders and learners' philosophy.
  • Holiday Buy Back Scheme
    • Offered at the beginning of each annual leave year to buy back some additional annual leave days on top of your 20-day allowance and 8 bank holidays.
  • Occupational Health Surveillance
    • We provide health check-ups for employees for essential health elements such as hearing tests, eye tests, etc.
  • Uniform Provided
    • We provide a full set of uniform and PPE to employees.
  • Free Annual TopGrass Treatments and Aeration
    • All employees receive free TopGrass 5 Basic Treatments and an aeration for their lawn at home each year they are employed at the company.
  • Close Family reduced rates
    • Close family members of employees can receive a 15% discount on basic treatments.

  • Internal Competitions and Prizes
    • We run 3-4 competitions each year with valuable prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.
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