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TopGrass Training

Providing quality training for our people in order to equip them with the tools they need to succeed is of utmost importance to us. As a medium-sized, family-run company, we care about our employees and want to see them develop and flourish during their time at TopGrass.

We provide a combination of external qualification and training opportunities, internal training workshops and intense courses, as well as annual team building days. We have showcased a few examples below of the kind of training we have done and will continue to provide. 

External Training and Qualifications

All of our Lawn Technicians and the majority of our office team are NPTC City & Guilds qualified to apply weed killers to lawns. Any new employees undertake this qualification as a necessity for the role.

We also provide external Health and Safety training for such things as Manual Handling, First Aid, Risk Assessments and Fire Safety to name a few.

Internal Training Workshops

We have bi-annual training workshop days where the whole company comes together for internal training and team building. These days include theoretical and practical workshops whereby all team members, whether they are based in the office or field, receive training in both areas. We strongly believe in team members walking a day in each other's shoes to fully understand and appreciate all job roles within our company.

We believe it is very important to provide you with the tools and multi-skilling you need to:

  • Provide top-quality service and professional knowledge
  • Be able to answer all customer questions, whether based in the office or in the field
  • Provide a consistent service across teams
  • Provide you with the skills you need to feel confident and happy in your role

Our training workshop days include topics such as:

  • Renovation theory and practical
  • Machine/equipment repair and maintenance
  • Customer service best practices
  • Effective problem-solving
  • Treatment science and theory
  • IT systems training
  • Routing and planning

Just to name a few! We also consult our people to find out which areas they would like to cover in upcoming training days to ensure we are providing the most useful and comprehensive training for you.

Internal Regular Training Sessions

We also have regular short training sessions during the year to provide relevant updates and refreshers.

These consist of half-day training classes before the beginning of each treatment cycle and renovation period. These serve as introductory training to new members who are then paired with a senior technician for on the job training, while also serving as refresher sessions for longstanding members of the team.

We also provide essential professional skill training in the form of such things as Effective Confrontation training for example. These sessions provide you with the required knowledge to be effective in all your communication with colleagues and customers alike.

Team Building

We also provide annual team building days. In the true sense of team building, these are designed to break the ice when bringing different teams together who don't necessarily work closely together day to day.

Our team-building days are fashioned to put you outside of your comfort zone in order to maximise your growth both personally and professionally.


Activity Days

We try to provide at least one activity day a year. These are designed to be a bit of fun and to encourage team bonding.

Examples of activity days we have done in the past can be seen below and include:

  • Clay pigeon shooting
  • Water park day
  • Go-Karting
  • Snowdome sledding
  • White water rafting

In Summary

We want you to gain as many skills and grow as much as possible during your time with us and we hope to achieve this with the combination of our comprehensive training programme and company team building and activity days. People are the most important element of any business and a good company should invest in their people. This is our ethos at TopGrass and we hope that you can experience this yourself if you become a member of the TopGrass family.