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Enhanced Package

What is the Enhanced Package?

The Enhanced package includes all the treatments found in the Basic Package, plus either a Lawn Maintainer Renovation Service, a Lawn Improver Renovation Service, OR a Total Reseed Renovation Service. This package is designed to provide a renovation service alongside your basic lawn treatments in order to improve the current condition of your lawn by reducing levels of moss and thatch. Three different levels of renovation are offered depending on the condition of your lawn and how much renovation is required.

In order to stay in the best shape possible, your lawn needs regular renovation. This package essentially reduces the moss and thatch levels in the lawn in order for the grass to prosper.

Think of renovation as a regular maintenance process to keep your lawn in great shape and to ensure you are maximising the effects of the treatment programme.

Your expert Lawn Technician will advise you on which level of renovation service is required for your lawn.

What does this package include?

The package includes the following:

Basic 5 Lawn Treatment Program:

One of the following renovation services:

From as little as £20.58 a month!

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