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Soil Improver Programme

Here at TopGrass, we are always looking for ways in which we can diversify our offered services in order to produce the best possible lawn for you to enjoy.  This is why we have introduced the Soil Improver Programme.

Healthy soil is a vital ingredient needed to achieve a thriving lawn. This programme, alongside your lawn care treatments, will help to achieve that.

What does this programme include?

The Soil Improver programme is an organic-based annual service that consists of two granular applications a year and is suitable for any soil type. The treatments can be applied at any time of year.

These treatments are designed to naturally improve soil health in order to provide the best growing environment possible for your lawn. Think of this service as unlocking the potential that is already in your soil, which will in turn promote a healthy lawn, helping it to fight off lawn diseases and even assist in drought recovery!

How does the Soil Improver work?

Improves soil structure: The Soil Improver treatments naturally improve your soil’s physical properties and relieve compaction. Our Soil Improver programme will help to bind the small clay particles together which will allow for better drainage of the lawn which in turn will encourage deeper rooting grass plants and promote even healthier grass. This service is particularly good for new build lawns (anything built since the 1960s) which typically have poor soil quality and depth.

Increases microbial activity and plant health: Our Soil Improver programme will gently raise the PH of your soil and provide calcium. This will increase nutrient availability which will stimulate microbial activity. Microorganisms are essential for mineralising nutrients to promote grass growth and development.

Decreases the risk of disease: The increase in growth then also aids root development, allowing more oxygen to get to the root zone, keeping lawns healthier and hardening the plant against disease.

Patience is key: The Soil Improver annual programme aids your soil by naturally changing its composition. This process takes time and this is why patience is key with this service. The process of changing the soil structure and maintaining this change can take a number of years, but rest assured you will reap the rewards with a healthier, hardier lawn over time.

The Soil Improver formulation comprises of:

  • Organic base to stimulate natural soil microflora
  • Dolomitic limestone for increased pH and Mg input
  • Gypsum for added calcium and soil deflocculation
  • High humic acid content to aid root development

General Benefits of the Soil Improver Programme:

  • Improved soil health
  • Improved soil structure
  • Increased microbial activity leading to a healthier grass plant
  • Greater resistance against disease
  • Greater resistance against drought conditions
  • Natural aeration

Why choose the Soil Improver programme?

Our Soil Improver programme uses an organic high-grade soil conditioner from the professional horticulture industry and is applied using professional, calibrated equipment. You will also be getting the most from your other TopGrass services through improved soil health.


When?  Treatments can be applied any time of year.

What?  Specialised granular soil conditioner.

Why?  To gently increase PH levels for better growing conditions, stimulate soil biology, and improve soil structure and root development.


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If you are an existing customer:

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