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General Questions

If you are considering a lawn care service, then you may be wondering when the best time is to start this.

The simple answer is that you can start a lawn care programme at any time of the year, and the sooner the better. Your lawn will always benefit regardless of the timing.

At TopGrass we have a range of seasonal treatments tailored to the specific time of year as well as the unique needs of your lawn. These are designed to keep your grass in great shape all year round and can be started whenever you’re ready.

Our Season Starter Treatment will give your lawn a boost after the cooler months and is ideal for helping your grass get into great condition during February to April. You’ll notice a difference in the condition of your lawn after just a few weeks. The service also includes a Season Starter Health Check where your lawn technician will analyse and assess the lawn condition and provide advice and recommendations from the results of the analysis. Following this advice will enable the lawn to look its best in the coming season. 

As temperatures continue to rise our Early Season Treatment keeps your grass growing healthy and strong and continues to target new weeds, while the Mid Season Treatment promotes further weed control, growth and colour during the driest and hottest time of year. Combined with regular watering, you’ll be surprised how green your grass can be during these months.

As temperatures start to cool, it’s time for the Late Season Treatment, from October to December. With the weather getting wetter, this treatment focuses on inhibiting moss growth while simultaneously strengthening the root zone so that it can survive the winter. It will also improve the colour of your lawn during these months.

An End of Season Treatment will continue to treat any moss, help inhibit disease and will also green up your lawn during slow growth.

An aeration service is recommended at least once a year. An aerator is a cam-driven machine that spikes holes into the ground in order to enable air, nutrients and water to reach the grass roots zone more effectively. It also aids with soil compaction and encourages root growth through agitating the ground as it propels itself forwards. This service is usually carried out during the summer months.

Important renovation services such as our Lawn Improver and Total Reseed programmes are also available and are carried out from August to October. These services are reserved for those lawns that need a little more help in becoming a lush green lawn.

The sooner you start lawn care services, the sooner you will have a healthy and thriving lawn that you can enjoy and be proud of all year round. So why wait?

While the majority of people would very much like to get some expert help with their lawn, some are concerned about committing to a long term contract. With TopGrass you don’t need to worry about this as we don’t tie you into any contract.

We are happy to provide our services for as long as you need/want and there is no obligation to have a certain number of treatments or to keep using us for a specific length of time. We believe that our clients should have as much flexibility as they want when it comes to using our lawn services.

That being said, we always recommend at least the Basic Package, which includes all 5 treatments, to achieve the best results for your lawn.

If you are interested in finding out more about what we offer, why not give us a call and we can talk you through our services while also providing you with a free quotation? We will let you know what your lawn will need in order to improve it and keep it in top condition, but there is no hard sell and no contract to sign. You can choose to have as many or as few services as you would like to.

We offer seasonal lawn treatments to suit the different times of year as well as lawn renovation to get your lawn back into top condition.

Our seasonal treatments include a Season Starter Treatment, an Early Season Treatment, a Mid Season Treatment, a Late Season Treatment and an End of Season Treatment. These will help to keep your grass in great condition throughout the year and are designed to suit the individual needs of your lawn.

Our Lawn Renovation service packages include aeration, scarification and over-seeding (at varying levels of intensity), carried out during the late summer/autumn. This improves the condition of the soil, enabling it to breathe more easily and thereby allowing the grass to get the nourishment it needs from the soil in order to be as healthy and green as possible.

There is no obligation to sign up for any or all of these treatments. We will advise what the best course of action is for your lawn, dependant on its current condition, but it is completely up to you as to whether you would like us to go ahead with this or whether you would like to pick and choose the treatments that you consider the most important and useful to you. We are more than happy to do as much or as little as you would like us to.

Apart from the fact that you are under no obligation and are not tied to a contract with TopGrass, giving you complete flexibility, there are plenty of other good reasons to choose us to service your lawn.

We use professional products and equipment to get the best results for you. These are the same as those used on famous golf courses and sports fields and can’t be bought in retail outlets. All our staff are also police checked and trained to a very high standard, our technicians have undertaken the  City & Guilds (NPTC) qualification to apply pesticides, and we also have staff with the BASIS qualification, which means they are qualified to advise on and recommend correct weed killer use. So your lawn will be in excellent hands!

Why not give us a call today for your free lawn quotation?

We do not offer a mowing service, however, we can advise on the best way to mow your lawn. We can also work alongside your cutting regime when planning treatments.

The most convenient, time saving and cost spreading way to pay is through monthly instalments. It is quick and easy to set up with our office personnel and once set up, you can sit back and relax with the knowledge that all your lawn care needs are being met, stress-free.

Other methods of payment include Autopay, which is a pay as you go system. This is where a card is securely registered to your account and each time a service is completed, payment will be taken automatically within 24 hours. This means you don’t need to worry about remembering to call us every time you need to pay a bill. You can set this up through your online account and also use this platform to make one off payments if you wish. Alternatively, you can phone the office and we can set it up for you directly.

One of the reasons some people may be hesitant to use a lawn treatment service is that they don’t want to be tied down to being home at certain times. However, with TopGrass this isn’t a problem. As long as we can have access to your lawn, we can provide the treatment for you without the need for you to be at home.

Here are some more reasons why you can trust TopGrass to look after your lawn even when you are not in.

Security and Peace of Mind

There’s no need to worry about giving TopGrass staff access to your garden when you are not home (or when you are). All of our technicians are police checked as we know that your security and that of your property is paramount for your peace of mind.

Excellent Training and Qualifications

You can trust that we will do a great job whether you are there or not. All TopGrass technicians are trained to very high standards. In addition, they have all undertaken the government training to apply pesticides and have the relevant City & Guilds (NPTC) qualification. TopGrass also have staff who have the BASIS qualification to advise on and recommend the proper use of weedkillers.

Professional Equipment and Products

You can rely on the quality of our products and equipment. We always use professional equipment and materials to get the very best results. They are designed for professional use (the same as are used on famous golf courses and sporting venues) and cannot be bought from retail outlets.

More Reasons to Use TopGrass

As well as bringing the knowledge, products and equipment of professional groundskeepers to your lawn, and giving you the peace of mind of police checked staff,

TopGrass also offers the following benefits:

  • Complete flexibility - we are able to give you a free quotation over the phone through an online measurement method. We will also ask you questions to gauge the current condition of your lawn and advise the best service package for you. We will tell you what your grass needs to improve it without any obligation. If you want to go ahead, you can then have as many or few treatments as you want and of course, as long as we have access we can come by without you needing to be home.
  • Great value - while the quality and expertise are top notch, we still offer great value to our customers, with treatments starting from as little as £10 a month, including products, labour and VAT.

With this many reasons to use TopGrass, there’s no reason not to contact us for a free quotation today. A well kept and healthy lawn needs a lot of attention and it can be difficult to find the time, energy and motivation to do it all yourself, even if you know exactly what it is that your lawn needs to thrive. Why not let us take the job off your hands and leave you free to get on with your life? Our expertise, flexibility and value for money mean that you too can have a lawn that you can enjoy and be proud of all year round but without any of the hassle. And you don’t even have to be there!

Lawn Treatment Questions

It is definitely a good idea to have a TopGrass treatment in dry weather. Our Early and Mid Season Treatments are specifically designed to keep your grass in tip-top condition during this drier and warmer time of year.

During dry/hot weather, we change to a coated slow-release granular fertiliser when nutrients will only be released after contact with moisture from rainfall or watering. This prevents any scorching of the lawn if it receives no rainfall or watering. These granules will simply sit on the lawn until they receive moisture, at which point the fertiliser will begin to seep out of perforations in the coating and into the soil. It is essential to continue to treat your lawn even through dry/hot weather as the dose of fertiliser will speed up the lawn’s recovery once the rain or watering kick-starts the growth of the lawn. The best course of action is to continue to water during these weather conditions, ideally in the early evening when sunlight is not so strong.  However, if you are unable to water, our treatments will still be beneficial, as with them your lawn will recover more quickly from drought conditions.

The weed control application process changes to spot treating during hot/dry weather to ensure your lawn is not overrun with weeds during this time. You will find that as your grass suffers and dries out in this weather, weeds will tend to remain greener for longer. This is due to their deeper root system, enabling them to continue to access moisture from the soil. Grass, however, with a shallower root system, can only access the top layers of dry soil. It is so important to carry on treating weeds by spot spraying, as left unchecked, they can take over the lawn in its weakened state.

It is still very important to continue to water your lawn regularly in dry conditions. This will ensure the grass remains hydrated and healthy as well as watering in the fertiliser nutrients so that they can reach and be absorbed by the roots of the grass plants. Our recommendation is to water early in the morning or evening, when it is cooler, as watering during bright sunlight can lead to scorching. A sprinkler attachment that can be left to keep watering the lawn for at least an hour or two is ideal, as it will allow the water to soak into the grass and reach the root zone where it can do the most good. Try to do a heavy watering at least two or three times a week.

TopGrass Lawn Treatments

It is possible to have a lawn that is green and healthy even during the dry summer months. Find out more about our lawn treatments and book yours today to have a lawn that you can be proud of year round.

The answer to this question varies, depending on which treatment is being applied. Fertiliser will always benefit from rainfall as this actually assists the product entering the soil.

For weed treatments, we advise that the product is rainfast within 20 to 30 minutes. In light rain, the weed treatment can still be effective, but in torrential rain, we would come back another time to apply this as the rain can dilute the product. Your experienced Lawn Technician will always assess this at the site visit and take appropriate action.

For moss treatments, rain is actually beneficial as it helps the product disperse into the moss and rapidly take effect.

For aerations, as long as the ground is not too soft or too frozen for the machine, we can aerate the lawn. This service is the one least affected by weather.

For renovation work, as long as the ground is not too soft for the machines, we can scarify a lawn. When scarifying/seeding, the soil temperature must not be too cold for recovery or germination, hence the best time is August to October, when the weather is still generally mild and we are likely to receive rain to assist seed germination. Of course, watering is always beneficial if we have a dry year! We certainly advise against scarifying in the winter months of December, January and February.

Yes. The products we use can also be found in use in public areas and on golf courses, places that are surrounded by wildlife and people. We do ask that children and pets are kept off the lawn until the treatment has dried (usually at least a few hours) for our standard treatments, but this is so that the treatment itself is not affected. It also prevents the weed killer from getting onto paws/shoes and being trodden into flower beds etc.

You should begin to see a visual difference within a few weeks of your first standard treatment. The time of year that you start will dictate which standard treatment you begin with, which in turn will yield different visual results. If you begin with our Late Season or End of Season Treatment, you should see the moss turn black/brown within a few days and the grass will green up within a week or so. If you begin with the Early Season or Mid Season Treatments, you should see the weeds begin to curl and yellow within 2-3 weeks. Also, you will see a boost in growth within the same time, providing there is moisture in the soil. This last point will happen with the Season Starter Treatment as well.

We will notify you, usually 2-3 weeks prior to an appointment. If an appointment is ever inconvenient, just let us know as early as possible so that we can reschedule the appointment in good time. Our main contact method is email and you will receive automated notifications of appointments via this contact method.

Renovation Questions

We don’t, but we do offer a Total Reseed lawn renovation package. Our service is a fraction of the cost of turfing and we provide a quality mix of grass type for your money! Please click here for more details regarding this service package.

If your lawn has a lot of moss or surface thatch, then it needs to be removed in order to allow water, fertiliser and oxygen to get to the roots of the grass. Scarification removes thatch (dead organic material) by mechanical means and is an important part of keeping a lawn healthy, preventing moss growth.

At TopGrass we also apply a pre-renovation treatment to prepare the lawn for scarification and to blacken and dehydrate the top layers of moss so that the scarifier can more efficiently remove any unwanted matter from the lawn. This treatment also contains micronutrients that will help your lawn recover from scarification more quickly and improve its health and colour.

Your lawn may look even worse for a while after scarification, however, when it recovers four to six weeks later, the fresh growth will look much better than before. We advise regular mowing during this period to aid the lawn in thickening up post-scarification.

Most definitely. An aeration service is essential for your lawn. This professional, cam-driven machine punctures holes around 2-3 inches deep into the ground in order to fracture the soil, increasing oxygen, nutrient and water access to the grassroots. Click here for more information on aeration.

Yes. Mossy lawns are a common issue in the UK with our generally mild and wet climate. TopGrass can help you with this problem with either the Lawn Improver or Total Reseed service packages. Depending on the level of moss in the lawn, you can either opt for the lighter of the two options (Lawn Improver) which will reduce the levels of moss in the lawn if they are not too heavy, or you can go for the complete overhaul (Total Reseed) and strip the lawn (and moss) right back to soil in order to start afresh.

The latter option is for those lawns that are in a very poor condition or for those customers that are looking for a major improvement in the quality of their lawn.

Unfortunately, we are not licensed to carry waste and are unable to remove this from site. We do, however, rake up the debris off the lawn and will place it in/on either garden bins, bags, a compost heap/area or a skip, as per your request.


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