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Early Season Treatment

As the temperatures begin to rise, our Early Season Treatment is designed to maintain strong and healthy growth. The partially coated, controlled-release fertiliser acts quickly while also helping to protect the lawn against fungal disease. The fertiliser is broken down by moisture and bacteria in the soil and can continue to release for up to 10 weeks due to its controlled-release coating.

A weed treatment will also be applied to target any weeds that have appeared in the lawn. This foliar weed treatment takes effect through the leaves of the plant and will control them within 2 weeks of application.

How does our Early Season Treatment work?

The Early Season fertiliser replaces and balances nutrients in the grass plant, increases stress tolerance and encourages uniform growth - all of which will enhance overall turf appearance.

Our Early Season fertiliser formula comprises of:

  • Nitrogen to continue to encourage growth and colour
  • Potassium and macro-nutrients to continue to encourage overall plant health and root development

  • Magnesium to continue to improve turf colour and health

Depending on the weed coverage in the lawn, the weed treatment will either be applied in an overall blanket spray or via a targeted spray method, implemented at the discretion of your professional lawn technician. The application is rainfast within 30 minutes, at which point any rain or irrigation will not affect the treatment.


When?  April - June is the ideal time for an Early Season Treatment

What?  Partially coated granular controlled-release fertiliser and a targeted liquid weed treatment.

Why?  Boosts growth, strengthens turf, improves colour and health, controls weeds.



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