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Red Thread Treatment

What is a Red Thread Treatment? 

Our Red Thread Treatment is exactly what it says on the tin: it is specially designed to aid the lawn in a quick recovery following a bout of Red Thread fungal disease. 

What is Red Thread?  

Red Thread is a fungal disease that typically occurs in damp and humid conditions. This disease can be identified in the lawn from the pink thread-like substance that grows on the grass blade (see image below). This is one of the most common lawn diseases. While a lawn will usually recover on its own from a bout of Red Thread, we can help speed along the process. 

How does TopGrass’ Red Thread Treatment help? 

 A Red Thread Treatment will not cure the lawn of Red Thread but will help speed up the recovery and help return your lawn to its previous green, luscious appearance. The treatment tends to take effect within 3 days, sometimes even quicker, so it is a fast visual solution to an unsightly problem. Unfortunately, once a lawn gets Red Thread, the disease tends to remain and can come out in bouts every now and then, but rest assured we can apply this treatment each time to help speed up the recovery every time. 

Other options to help combat Red Thread:  

  • We also recommend regular aerations to help de-compact the lawn which should reduce the number of outbreaks your lawn has of the disease. This decompaction allows water, air, and nutrients to flow through the soil effectively. 
  • Regular scarification of the lawn is also advised. This is to improve airflow in the lawn and to reduce levels of moss/thatch debris. This will help reduce Red Thread infection levels in the lawn. 

How does our Red Thread Treatment work? 

Our Red Thread Treatment is a fast-acting, all in one, foliar liquid spray applied in a similar way to our weed killer and is absorbed through the grass leaf. The professional equipment we use to apply the treatment allows for an even spread of the product across the lawn, to ensure all the Red Thread areas are treated. This treatment also strengthens the grass against general lawn diseases as well as Red Thread. Visually, you should be able to see the effects after 3 days of the application.  

The Red Thread Treatment Formulation comprises of: 

  • Diluted liquid Iron Fe to provide a quick green-up 
  • Micro-nutrients to help harden the grass plant against disease and promote strong, healthy growth in order to help recovery from current Red Thread bouts 


When? A Red Thread Treatment can be applied at any time of the year, except for drought conditions 

What? A liquid application of Iron Fe and Micro-nutrients 

Why? To aid the lawn in a quick recovery following a bout of Red Thread fungal disease.


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