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Total Reseed

This service is included as one of the options in the Enhanced Package.

What is the Total Reseed Renovation Service?

The Total Reseed is a renovation service that we advise customers to undergo as an alternative to returfing. It is also a good package to select if you would like to improve your lawn with professional-grade grass species.

The Total Reseed is recommended for those lawns with bare patches or heavy moss/thatch. Alternatively, you may want this service if you want to improve the quality of grass species in your lawn. We essentially take the lawn right back and reseed it.

This service includes the following:

  • Pre-renovation Treatment
  • Total Reseed Renovation Visit
  • Primary Germination Check
  • Secondary Germination Check
  • Follow-up Patch Seeding (If Required)

Thinking of Returfing?

If you are looking for a complete lawn makeover, TopGrass’ Total Reseed renovation service is a fraction of the cost of returfing. Based on a 140m² lawn, the cost for a Total Reseed service is only £687, compared with average returfing costs, inclusive of labour, at £3,975

That’s over 80% saving against the cost of turfing! The grass seed we use at this price comparison is also of a much higher quality!


Pre-Renovation Treatment:

In the weeks prior to renovating, an iron-based treatment is vital to the process and will achieve much better results by blackening and desiccating (de-hydrating) the top layers of moss, allowing the scarifier to efficiently remove significantly more unwanted matter from the lawn. In its desiccated state, the ability of the moss spores to reproduce will also be greatly inhibited. Even where moss is not obvious, this treatment has been shown to improve the scarification process. 

Micro-nutrients present in this treatment will also aid general health, colour, and provide a quicker recovery of the lawn post-scarification.


Total Reseed Renovation Visit:

The Total Reseed Renovation Visit is designed to prepare the lawn for seeding through heavy scarification and de-compacting the soil structure to allow for a greater germination success rate. A complete lawn overseed is then carried out with a professional-grade grass mix to provide a new lawn.

The visit includes the following step-by-step process:

  • Heavy scarification of the lawn several times over, back to soil if necessary, to prepare for seeding.
  • Debris (moss/thatch) removed from the lawn and placed in builders bags/compost heap/garden bins
  • A double pass aeration (provided access is possible for machinery) to loosen soil structure, encouraging a healthy airflow to the grass root zone. This also allows for increased nutrient and water access to the new seed for a greater germination success rate.
  • A complete lawn overseed using our professional-grade grass mix.
  • Drag mat/raked finish for a tidy result.

Please note, we cannot lift the aerator machine due to health and safety reasons.

Primary and Secondary Germination Checks

We will carry out primary and secondary germination checks in the months following your Total Reseed Renovation Visit to ensure that the new seed is progressing as expected. The Primary Germination Check will occur alongside your next Basic Lawn Treatment and the Secondary Germination Check will be carried out alongside the following Basic Lawn Treatment after that. 

Your Lawn Technician will provide in-depth feedback on your lawn's progress through a Germination Check Form which will summarise the following:

  • Germination Rate
  • Root Depth
  • Moisture Depth
  • Soil analysis
  • Mowing and watering check and advice
  • Whether patch seeding will be required

This information will be provided on both Germination Check visits.

Patch Seeding

If patch seeding is required due to unfavourable weather conditions, we will return when the soil temperature is optimal to seed any bare patches which have not taken. This is all included in the Total Reseed service price.

Click here to see a Total Reseed case study from a TopGrass Customer 

If you are an existing customer:

Click here to order a Total Reseed online

Renovation Frequently Asked Questions:

Lawn Maintainer

What is the Lawn Maintainer?

To keep your lawn in the best shape possible, your account will be automatically renewed with a Lawn Maintainer service in the year following your Total Reseed service.

This service has been specifically designed to keep moss/thatch levels low, the soil aerated and any new patches seeded so that your lawn can continue to thrive, instead of waiting for the lawn to deteriorate before doing more work. This repeating service is similar to that used on golf courses, the purpose being to maintain the effects of the Total Reseed for longer by addressing any new problems arising quickly and efficiently.  All this is at a lower price than alternative renovation treatments. 

The Lawn Maintainer comprises a pre-renovation treatment applied in the weeks prior to renovating, it will then be scarified lightly to ensure moss/thatch is reduced in the lawn. Then we will aerate the soil (providing access is possible for the machine) and we will put down some seed if required as well, although this would usually be minimal. 

Am I eligible for a Lawn Maintainer?

If you have had a Total Reseed this year, your account will automatically have a Lawn Maintainer added to be carried out the following autumn. You will be notified of this, as well as the price of the service, in your renewal letter/email which is sent out each year before the next season starts.

This service will then continually renew in this fashion each year, providing you have had continual Lawn Maintainers each year. If you decide to skip a year, you will then go back to being recommended a Total Reseed or Lawn Improver instead (dependent upon your lawn needs). This is because you need to have a Lawn Maintainer consistently each year to be eligible for this lower-priced service.


What are the benefits of the Lawn Maintainer?

  • Helps to keep the lawn in a consistently good condition in the years following a Total Reseed.

  • Prevents your lawn from deteriorating through regular lighter scarification and aeration (similar to that used on golf courses).

  • Helps to spread the cost of your lawn care renovation needs by having a lower-cost service each year rather than a higher-priced service once every 3 years.

Click here to see the full details of the Lawn Maintainer service


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For further instructions on caring for your lawn with this service, please click the link below:

Post Renovation Care Instructions

This service is included as one of the options in the Enhanced Package

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