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Season Starter Treatment

The Season Starter Treatment is applied to give lawns a kick start following the hard winter months. It is uniquely designed for specific grass growing conditions from February to April. Developed to work in the cooler months, the fertiliser is part fast-release to encourage the grass to begin new growth and part controlled-release to provide the nutrients needed to promote green-up and health over the following 2-3 months.

The start of a season is also the time to carry out an overall health check on the lawn. Included in this service is a Season Starter Health Check whereby our expert technicians will analyse the condition of the lawn in order to provide bespoke advice and recommendations to get your lawn in the best shape possible in the coming season.

New customers should see a noticeable visual difference in their lawn just a few weeks after the first application! Continuing thereafter with the 5 annual Basic treatments will ensure the grass remains healthy and strong.

How does our Season Starter Treatment work?

The Season Starter granular fertiliser is partially coated to provide a controlled release and is specifically designed to encourage a balanced growth at the beginning of the growing season and will sustain turf health. This fertiliser is also selected for its quick response in cooler conditions common during February to April.

The Season Starter fertiliser formulation comprises of:

  • Nitrogen to encourage growth and improve colour
  • Potassium and macro-nutrients to encourage overall plant health and root development
  • Magnesium to improve turf colour and health

If there is rainfall during or after the application, this will aid in commencing the breakdown of the fertiliser, causing a faster release of nutrients into your lawn.

Your TopGrass Lawn Technician will also carry out a full lawn analysis in the Health Check and proactively identify any problems in your lawn in order to provide bespoke advice and recommendations.

The Health Check will analyse such things as:

  • Soil structure and compaction
  • Thatch and moss levels
  • Weed types (if present)
  • Any damage, diseases or pests (if present)
  • Mowing and watering regime

You Lawn Technician will then provide a bespoke plan on how to remedy any issues found in the lawn. They will also provide handy guides for caring for your lawn.


When?  February - April is the perfect time for your Season Starter Treatment

What?  Partially coated granular controlled release fertiliser and a season starter Health Check.

Why?  Boosts growth, strengthens turf, improves colour and health. Provides the advice and information your lawn needs to be the best it can be in the coming season.

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