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Mowing Guidelines

A regular, well thought out and maintained mowing regime, alongside having TopGrass services and treatments, is key to keeping your lawn looking its best.

This is why we have created this simple, easy to use mowing guideline card, which you can download and print from home by clicking here.

You can achieve a thick, lush and beautifully striped lawn to show off to your friends and family by following these easy steps...

Watering Guidelines

As for any plant, watering is essential for maintaining the health of your grass. The timing, amount and duration of watering is key to ensuring your grass remains healthy. This is why we have created the handy guide found below.

Please click here for a printable version of this card.

Watering Check - Taking a Core Sample

Before watering your lawn, it is good practice to cut a small core sample to check soil moisture. Here's how...

  • Simply cut a small piece of turf approx. 2 inches by 2 inches by 3 inches deep.
  • Check the soil moisture at 2 inches deep (where the roots are).
  • If it is damp there is no need to water. If it is dry then it is time to get the sprinkler out!
  • Afterward, pop the core sample back into the lawn and press it down.

Overwatering a lawn can be just as harmful as underwatering a lawn. Taking a core sample will help you make the right watering decision!