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Borders and Beds Fertilisation Programme

Here at TopGrass we always strive to offer a professional and convenient service for our customers, as a result, we are now offering a fertilisation service for your borders and beds in addition to our Lawncare programme.

If you love your borders and beds as much as you love your lawn, this is a great add-on service you can now sign up for!

What does this programme include?

The Borders and Beds fertilisation programme is designed for shrub beds and flower borders. The programme consists of 2 annual treatments: Leaf and Bloom Treatment and the Root Developer Treatment. These applications are designed to help young shrubs to establish and existing shrubs to thrive, while also providing a base fertilisation programme for flower beds.

What do these two annual treatments do?

Treatment name: Leaf and Bloom Treatment

When: Applied between early January and late May.

What: Application of a specialist controlled-release granular fertiliser to borders and beds that will release nutrients over the following months. For shrubs, this application releases nutrients into the soil around the base of the plants to improve leaf growth and encourage a full bloom in the Spring. This treatment also provides an excellent base fertilisation for the season for flower beds (even if not planted at time of application). Some 'high feeding' flowers may need further fertilisation applied during the growing season for best results.

Treatment Name: Root Developer Treatment

When: Applied between late July and late September.

What: Application of a specialist controlled-release granular fertiliser to borders and beds. This will release nutrients into the soil around the base of the plants throughout the Autumn and Winter, this is designed to encourage root development throughout the slow growth months and give your evergreens a final flourish as we move into the Autumn.

Why should you have a border or bed fertilised?

Fertilisation is crucial for any plant to maintain its health as most soil does not provide the essential nutrients necessary for optimum growth. Fertilisation also provides the nutrients required for optimum flowering of shrubs and flowers.

Even if you are lucky to have great soil in your garden, over time the plants will absorb those nutrients and leave the soil less fertile. Therefore, it is important to top up the nutrient levels in the soil regularly and our Borders and Beds programme can help you do this.

Plus, having a beautiful lawn can look even better when you have beautiful borders!

Why choose the TopGrass Borders and Beds service?

Professional quality: Our Borders and Beds Fertilisation programme uses high-grade fertilisers from the professional horticulture industry that are applied using professional, calibrated equipment.

Convenience: You will also have the convenience of having one company fertilise both your lawns and your borders, meaning that you have more free time to do the things that you enjoy.

Time-saving: This service would also be an auto-renewing service, so we would continue to fertilise your borders and beds year on year for as long as you would like us to. This means you don't have to worry about re-ordering every year.

If you are interested in this service, please do get in touch by emailing us on or phoning us on 0800 433 70 80!