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Lawn Tonic

What is a Lawn Tonic Treatment? 

A Lawn Tonic Treatment is a TopGrass speciality aimed at providing a quick and effective green-up to your lawn. The service is very fast-acting, almost immediately improving the look and colour of the lawn. You may even be able to notice the difference as the treatment is being applied! 

This service is often done in preparation for such things as garden parties, weddings, events, open gardens etc. But it can be applied for any reason and/or event, even if you just fancy a quick greening boost for your grass at a whim. 

Photo: Mr K, Billericay - Open Garden Event

How does our Lawn Tonic Treatment work? 

This is a fast-acting, all in one, foliar liquid spray applied in a similar way to our weed killer and is absorbed through the grass leaf. The professional equipment we use to apply the treatment allows for an even spread of the product across the lawn, to ensure a level green-up. This treatment greens up and strengthens the grass. A visible green-up can be seen from as little as 3 hours post-application. 

The Lawn Tonic Formulation comprises of: 

  • Diluted liquid Iron Fe to provide a quick green-up 
  • Micro-nutrients to promote strong, healthy growth 


When? A Lawn Tonic can be applied at any time of the year, except for drought conditions 

What? A liquid application of Iron Fe and Micro-nutrients 

Why? To provide a quick green-up for garden parties/events


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If you are an existing customer:

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