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How to prepare your lawn for winter with our winter treatment

frozen grass

Winter is coming and it’s important to be prepared when thinking about your lawn. The chill of winter and the change in weather conditions can have a significant impact on your law including issues with moss. That’s why you need to make sure that you are preparing your lawn with the right winter treatment. Why is this important?


If your lawn is really mossy, then Top Grass can help!

mossy grass

Is your lawn covered in moss? It might seem better than a lawn that's patchy and bear, but it's still far from ideal. You want your lawn to be lush and green with grass, not looking dull and mossy. So, when moss grows on your lawn, how can you deal with it? If you call Top Grass, you can be sure that your moss problem will be dealt with, and we'll prevent the moss from growing back again too.No matter what time of year it is, your lawn should look as beautiful and healthy as possible. 


Autumnal Lawn Care Advice – Look After Your Lawn This Autumn

autumn lawn care

Most gardeners, lawn enthusiasts or people who simply value a well-kept lawn, tend to do the majority of their lawn care during the spring. But, after the summer of sunbathing, gambols and a dog’s paradise on your lawn, it too needs a bit of TLC. As the days get greyer and the nights get colder, you’ll be doing your lawn a fair few favours in following this guide.


The Mushroom Diaries – How to Keep Them at Bay

avoid mushrooms in lawn

The smell in the air after the rain showers is refreshing, but once you step outside, your lawn has sprouted various mushrooms. They’ve appeared all over. By the tree, by your plants, even right in the middle of your lawn. You may be asking what causes these nuisances on your lawn...


Lawn and Order – The Lawn Care Guide

apple trees on perfect lawn

As autumn hits, now is the best time to prepare your lawn for its winter hibernation. It is starting to get darker earlier, and soon you'll be wanting to wrap up in warmth and comfort of your home. But not to worry, there is still some time for you to give your lawn that much-needed attention before winter fully sets in. This chilly damp weather may not be the most welcome after a lovely summer, but it is great news for autumn lawn renovations!

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Derek Walder, BEM, Past President of Institute of Groundsmanship

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