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Water Conserver

At TopGrass, we are committed to finding new and innovative ways to keep your lawn looking as lush and green as possible, which is why we have introduced our new Water Conserver Treatment.

Water is an essential component of a healthy, flourishing lawn. Our Water Conserver Treatment will help to maximise your lawn's ability to take in and retain the water it receives.

What is a Water Conserver Treatment?

The Water Conserver is an annual service that consists of a single granular application per year, applied prior to the hot summer months. The granule we use is a specialised, high-quality product, used on golf courses and other professional sports turf.

Once applied, the effects of the granule last approximately 3 months, much longer than most liquid treatments which usually last around 1 month.

This service is designed to help maximise watering/rainfall by increasing both the absorption and retention of water in the lawn. This will help to prevent and alleviate the effects of drought and the stress this causes to lawns. The TopGrass Water Conserver treatment will also allow water/rainfall to be evenly absorbed across the lawn to help prevent the formation of dry patches.

Alongside a regular watering regime, the Water Conserver treatment will help to boost growth and lawn health over those dry summer months. A well-hydrated lawn is essential for it to flourish, which can be achieved through the assistance of our Water Conserver.

How does the Water Conserver work?

Increases water absorption and retention: The Water Conserver treatment will help the soil to not only more actively absorb water but also when that water is absorbed to then retain it so that the soil stays hydrated for a longer period of time.

Improve colour and plant health: Water is a vital ingredient to keep a lawn lush and green. The Water Conserver treatment will greatly increase the availability of water to the grass roots. This means that the lawn will be better equipped to make the most out of the water it receives through morning dew, rainfall or sprinklers.

Decreases the effects of drought stress: Periods of prolonged drought can cause lawns to form brown, dry patches which occurs due to water not being able to penetrate the soil or draining past the root zone. The Water Conserver will help to prevent these conditions from happening by effectively allowing moisture to be more evenly absorbed across the lawn.

Water Conserver is not a replacement for watering: It is important to note that the TopGrass Water Conserver treatment does not act as a substitute for watering your lawn. It will however compliment and maximise the benefits of any watering/rainfall by allowing easier access of water and essential nutrients to the roots of the grass.

General Benefits of the Water Conserver Treatment:

  • Improved soil water retention
  • Improved soil water absorption
  • Increased accessibility for water and nutrients to reach the root zone of the grass plant.
  • Improved colour and growth of the lawn.
  • Greater resistance against drought conditions such as dry patches.


When? Late spring to early summer

What? Specialised granular Water Conserver lasting 3 months

Why? To increase the soil's ability to absorb and retain water to help prevent the negative effects of drought, such as browning of the grass and dry patches.