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Late Season Treatment

An essential Late Season Treatment is applied from October to December, as differing conditions take hold. The mild, wet weather experienced during this period brings with it a rapid encroachment of moss in lawns, particularly in shady, damp areas. This treatment incorporates a two-in-one liquid application to treat the moss whilst also introducing an important micro-nutrient feed. The iron sulphate dehydrates the moss, inhibiting its ability to reproduce, with visible effects less than an hour after application as the moss begins to darken in colour.

How does our Late Season Treatment work?

The autumn climate will slow grass growth right down, so the specialised feed included in this application is designed to strengthen and harden the grass plant for winter conditions rather than encourage foliar growth. The feed formula also makes the turf less susceptible to disease.

It also maintains a lush green colour in the lawn as the iron in the formula stimulates chlorophyll production in the plant. Iron also plays a key role in reactions involving photosynthesis, nitrogen utilisation and root growth - all of which are vital in maintaining a healthy plant structure.

Late Season Treatment formula comprises:

  • Iron sulphate to dehydrate and blacken moss and to improve grass colour
  • Micro-nutrients to harden and strengthen the grass plant, making it less susceptible to disease and damage during harsh seasonal conditions.


When?  October - December is the ideal time for our Late Season Treatment.

What?  Two-in-one liquid iron and essential micro-nutrient feed.

Why?  To dehydrate and darken moss, strengthen the grass plant against harsh winter weather, strengthen root structure and improve colour.



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