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Basic Package

What does this package include?

This includes all 5 Lawn Treatments.

The treatments consist of a combination of fertilisers, weed treatments and moss treatments, depending on the time of the year. Please follow the links below to find out more about each treatment.

The treatment plan is as follows:

Why have your lawn treated?

Our Basic Treatment Program is designed to improve your lawn by reducing competition from weeds and moss, with the individual treatments targeted for the time of year.

In addition, essential granular fertilisers are applied through the first three visits.

Left untreated, your lawn may appear green but will most likely contain a combination of weeds, moss and coarse grasses.  To get that lush, green lawn look through the year, a lawn requires the right treatments at the right time of year.

As we all know, moss and weeds love to invade lawns. Moss encroaches on any bare areas and will prosper in shady, damp and compacted soil conditions. Equally, weeds can invade lawns through airborne seeds as well as carried in through various birds and wildlife visiting your garden.

This is why we emphasise that our program is a continual maintenance for your lawn, to ensure the competition is controlled as much as possible throughout the year. Encouraging a rich, healthy lawn growth will also naturally inhibit lawn competition as there will not be the bare soil space to encroach on.


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