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Mr S in Rugby, Midlands

Overview of the Lawn Issues:

Mr S in Rugby contacted us for help with his lawn when it began deteriorating shortly after he moved into his new build home. On our first visit to the lawn, our Lawn Technician, Beth, found that the lawn turf had been laid on a very dry and clay based soil which was also lacking in Nitrogen. There were also quite a few weeds present, mostly thistles. Weeds will creep into a weakened lawn more easily as the grass does not offer up much in the way of competition for the soil space. This situation is very common with new build estates where the lawn is often laid on builders rubble instead of nutrient rich topsoil which is required for a lawn to thrive.

The lawn was also yellowing along the front edge of the front lawn where it met the concrete path to the street. This usually occurs because there is concrete directly under that front edge of the lawn which means that the turf will weaken as there is no extra soil in which to grow its roots. This area of lawn will also be unable to retain much moisture, so it will worsen if it does not receive rainfall for a few days. Further yellowing will also occur during hot weather as the concrete pathway will absorb the heat from the sun and scorch the grass next to it. Again, this is an extremely common occurrance on new build estates.

TopGrass Solutions:

Our Lawn Technician, Beth, recommended our annual Basic lawn treatment programme which consists of seasonal weed, fertiliser and moss treatments. So far, Mr S has received our Early Summer Treatment (weed & feed), Late Summer Treatment (weed & feed) and Late Autumn Treatment (moss & micro-nutrient feed). As you can see from the images, our high nitrogen fertiliser has increased the level of nutrients in the soil, which has resulted in an overall green-up of the lawn and an improved, healthier look. The weed treatment has also successfully tackled those pesky weeds.

Beth also recommended a solid tine aeration which the customer has now had. This is to help decompact this clay-based soil to enable water and nutrients to reach the grass roots more easily and to promote a stronger grass plant. The stronger the grass, the less chance weeds have to creep into the lawn. This process also reduces surface tension and prevents surface moisture occurring in the autumn months. If left unattended, surface moisture will promote moss growth which will compete with the lawn.

Beth also advised the customer to raise his mowing height slightly to help the grass to retain more moisture and provide self-shading over the summer months. 

Mr S Testimonial:

"I just wanted to share my experience regarding the treatment of my lawn by TopGrass. One year ago, we moved into a new build. When it was time to start cutting the grass for the first time this year, I noticed a lot of discolour in the grass and it was patchy and of poor quality.

I contacted TopGrass who sent a very polite young lady (Beth) out to give a quote that was very reasonable. I booked my first treatment and they arrived on time and treated the lawn. I noticed a difference in the lawn within a couple of weeks from the first treatment being done. It was greener and thicker.

After a few more treatments, my lawn is now full and deep in colour, soft to walk on and healthy. I highly recommend TopGrass, they do what they say and it works. The TopGrass guys do an excellent job and are always happy and polite, along with being very helpful with any questions I have had. And the advise that has been given has worked with any issues I have had."  


Right Front Lawn Before TopGrass Treatments:

Right Front Lawn After TopGrass Treatments:

Left Front Lawn Before TopGrass Treatments:

Left Front Lawn After TopGrass Treatments:

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