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Will I need to do anything to care for my lawn post-renovation?

In short, yes, but don’t worry it isn’t a lot! We want to ensure that your lawn has the best chance of a healthy germination rate and for this, we do need your help alongside Mother Nature! Please water the new seed to assist germination (if we do not receive any significant rainfall) every 2-3 days with a fine sprinkler hose attachment and leave on the lawn for around 1-2 hours in each area.

Once the new grass is established (around 2 inches growth), please begin regular mowing on a high setting (at least 2 inches/5 cm) to encourage the lawn to thicken up. Be careful, as close mowing will encourage weeds and moss to re-establish. Mowing is especially important as we head into spring as growth will speed up and the weather allows you to cut more often. Remember, the more often you mow the more your lawn will thicken up.

For further, detailed, instructions on post-renovation care, please download our handy guide by clicking here.



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