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TopGrass was launched in 2005 with the aim of offering top-quality lawn care using the knowledge, materials, and equipment of the professional groundsman and applying it to domestic lawns.

TopGrass is an independent lawn treatment company set up by Tom Arnold and Ian de Courcy whose backgrounds combine experience in treating professional lawns and sports turf with business expertise from working in quality-driven blue-chip companies.

After many years, we are now a well-established, family-run company. Tom's wife Shirley, daughter Katie and two sons Chris and Peter, all now have varying input into the business and bring with them their core family values to the everyday running of the company.

Tom is also one of the founding members of the UK Lawncare Association and TopGrass continues to play a big part in this association to date. Tom was appointed as Vice Chairman for the Association in 2020, was then appointed Chair in 2023, and continues to hold this position.


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Lawn Treatment Experts in the Midlands and South East

TopGrass uses the same products and type of equipment which is used on professional lawns and sports turf. This enables TopGrass to provide you with the best lawn care service possible and give you the lush green lawn you always wanted.

TopGrass buys professional lawn care products in bulk so that we can offer you lawn treatments and service at the same cost or less than DIY.
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The images below demonstrate the progress of a lawn after a Total Reseed service:


0 Weeks

2 weeks germination ca lawn 2 sept 2019

2 Weeks


8 Weeks

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Our Customers

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We have various case studies from our customers, showcasing their lawn's journey with us, as well as general customer testimonials.

You can find this by clicking the links below:

Customer Case Studies

Customer Testimonials

Love a beautiful lush green lawn?

We have varying levels of service package to suit your individual lawn needs. Whether you are simply looking for a weed-free, lush lawn or you are looking for a top-quality professional-looking bowling green, we have the lawn care package to suit you.

For more information on our service packages and why you should have your lawn professionally treated, click on the links below!

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Why TopGrass for your Lawn Care?

Top Quality

TopGrass staff use professional products and equipment to obtain the best results.

Top Flexibility

Free lawn quotation with no obligation. We will tell you what your lawn needs to improve it. There is no hard sell, no contract to sign.

Top Value

from as little as £10 per month including labour, materials and VAT. It can be cheaper than DIY!

Top Expertise

Bring the knowledge, materials and equipment of the professional groundsman to your lawn.

Top Time Saving

Letting us do the work for you will save you days of your own precious time and allow you more time to enjoy your garden.

Top Appearance

A beautiful lush, green lawn enhances the appearance of your property and can increase its value.


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Does TopGrass Operate in Your Area?

TopGrass operates in parts of the Midlands, East Midlands and South East areas of the UK.

Check to see if you are in the TopGrass catchment area by filling out your postcode below: