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Please find below the TopGrass Blog.  Be sure to come back and read the latest articles on our thoughts, advice and tips about lawn care.

Have an Eco Christmas - it is easier than you think!

Here at TopGrass we are trying to think about how we can have a more eco-friendly Christmas and have found a few... Read more

The How to Guide for Striping Your Lawn

Wouldn't it look good? Let's face it, we've all thought about it. We all want stripes in our lawns, and you would be... Read more

Garden Design

Your garden may be a playground for your dog and children, or it might give a golf course a run for its money. Whatever... Read more

Gardening in March/April

Your garden may be your pride and joy, it may even give you all your fruit and veg. However you choose to use your... Read more

Frost on the Lawns

When Jack Frost hits, your lawn can become quite fragile and so needs extra care. One of the joys of spring is seeing... Read more

Lawn Mowing in the Winter

Countrywide, we have been hit with wild weather these last few months. The temperature has definitely dropped, the... Read more