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What is lawn scarification and why do I need it?

Lawn scarification is the process of removing what’s known as surface thatch from the lawn. This material stops necessary moisture, air and nutrients getting to the roots of your grass, inhibiting its growth and resulting in a less healthy lawn overall. By removing thatch you improve the levels of oxygen and water that can be absorbed by the lawn, but as well as that any treatments applied will be far more successful. It also helps to reduce the amount of moss on your lawn.

How does thatch build up in the first place?

Thatch is basically a layer of matter that has collected on the surface of the lawn, it’s made up of all kinds of organic substances. It is usually found on top of the soil and if left untreated can increase the chances of diseases. It also substantially increases the likelihood off moss growing because the moisture sits on the surface encouraging moss to grow instead of being absorbed into the soil and therefore the roots of your grass.

How does scarification work?

Our scarifying machines have blades which cut vertically into the lawn to drag out the moss/thatch. This should be done about once every 18 months to keep your lawn looking it’s best. An initial treatment is completed pre-scarification which involves adding a ferrous sulphate based moss treatment, this is critical in ensuring the best results, it helps to blacken and de-hydrate the top layers of moss, this helps the scarifying machine to remove more thatch than with scarifying alone. The treatment also introduces micro-nutrients which will help improve the general health of the lawn as well as aiding quicker recovery afterwards.

Immediately after scarifying, the lawn will likely look unwell for a period of time but this is an important part of the renovation process, it can take 4 – 6 weeks to fully recover at which time the fresh growth will give a much healthier appearance. Ensuring your regularly mow your lawn during this time helps your grass to recover and helps the lawn to thicken out.

We offer a range of one off or less regular treatments to help keep our lawn looking its best. One of our fully trained and experienced team members can advise you on the best course of treatment for your lawn, please contact us today to speak to one of our advisors.

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