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Preparing your Lawn for Summer

With the warmer weather finally on its way, it’s time to start preparing your lawn for the summer months. Following our tips will help your lawn to be at its best so that you can enjoy its lushness whether you’re having BBQs and al fresco dinners in your garden, playing outside with your children or just soaking up the sun on a towel on the grass.

Watering the grass

Lawns need water to thrive and once the weather starts heating up you’ll need to start watering the grass again if you want it to be nice and green. Don’t start too early though. If there’s plenty of rain in early spring then that should be sufficient. It can actually make your grass a bit hardier if you leave it to dry out a little bit in spring, as the roots will then grow deeper to find water and this will stand it in good stead during the hot summer months. Once the weather is gets hot it’s time to start watering more regularly.

Lawn mowing tips

Your lawn will start to grow again in early spring and so you will need to start mowing again. The initial mowing should be done on dry grass with a high cut. As the temperatures increase you’ll find that you need to mow every couple of weeks, gradually increasing to weekly during May and June at which point you can start lowering the cutting height. Generally the lawn itself will guide how often you need to mow - if the growth slows down during the hotter and drier months of then you can adjust accordingly. It’s generally best not to cut the grass less than every two weeks though.

Avoiding yellowing or dying grass

No one likes yellowed grass or, even worse, dead patches of lawn. The main culprits are games or furniture which prevents sections of the lawn from getting enough air or sunshine, or which crush the grass.

Professional lawn treatments

A professional lawn treatment will do wonders for your grass. Our Spring lawn treatment will give your grass a boost after the long winter and is designed to suit the grass growing conditions of March and April. The Early summer lawn treatment will help your lawn to stay strong and continue its healthy growth. Both treatments will also curtail weed growth.

professional lawn treatments and how they can give you the lawn you’ve always wanted.

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