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How to prepare your lawn for winter with our winter treatment

Winter is coming and it’s important to be prepared when thinking about your lawn. The chill of winter and the change in weather conditions can have a significant impact on your law including issues with moss. That’s why you need to make sure that you are preparing your lawn with the right winter treatment. Why is this important?

What Causes Moss To Appear?

If you have noticed an issue with moss on your lawn, you might be wondering what creates this problem. There are a variety of environmental factors that can lead to the growth and development of moss. Some of the issues that you should be prepared for include wet and mild conditions, extra shade and soil that has low drainage. Low levels of air circulation and compacted soils can also create this effect.

How Does Our Lawn Treatment Help You Prepare

With our lawn treatment, you can make sure that your grass is able to transition from the winter levels of growth into the growth that arrives through spring. It’s important to note that the growth of your lawn will slow down through the winter months.

Due to this reduction in growth, there are certain elements that will not be required. This includes macro-nutrients, potassium, phosphorus and additional levels of nitrogen. However, this will be required when growth increases once more through spring.

Through the winter months, it’s more important to introduce iron to your lawn. This helps ensure that your grass retains the beautiful green aesthetic that you want. The throes of winter won’t cause it to lose its natural color. Furthermore, the right treatment can also ensure that moss is left dehydrated. This eliminates the environment where moss can grow and helps you keep your lawn healthy.

As such, the treatment provides a two-tonged approach. Micronutrients ensure that the lawn is strengthened through the winter months, while iron ensures that the moss apparent in your lawn is eradicated. Both can be provided through the same liquid treatment.

The macro-nutrients will also help ensure that soil fertility is greatly improved while the root structure is strengthened. Crucially, this means that the law is less susceptible to potential diseases that could ultimately impact the aesthetic of your law.

When Should This Be Implemented?

If you want to ensure that your lawn is protected and indeed strengthened through the winter months, we suggest applying our solution through January to February. This is when the threat of both moss and disease is greatest. The two in one liquid will help you fight back against these issues and ensure that your lawn remains healthy.

We hope this helps you understand why protecting your lawn through the winter months is vital and how to complete this process the right way. Using our treatment, you won’t have to worry about your lawn suffering through the coldest months of the year. Instead, we will make sure that it keeps its fantastic appearance and remains healthy, free from moss and disease as well. This is all possible with our quick and easy lawn treatment .

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