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If your lawn is really mossy, then Top Grass can help!

If your lawn is really mossy, then Top Grass can help!

Is your lawn covered in moss? It might seem better than a lawn that's patchy and bear, but it's still far from ideal. You want your lawn to be lush and green with grass, not looking dull and mossy. So, when moss grows on your lawn, how can you deal with it? If you call Top Grass, you can be sure that your moss problem will be dealt with, and we'll prevent the moss from growing back again too.No matter what time of year it is, your lawn should look as beautiful and healthy as possible. 

We can help you keep your lawn in the best condition, free of moss. 

Why does moss grow on your lawn? 

There are a few reasons you might find moss growing on your lawn. Firstly, moss loves moisture. If the soil is particularly wet, it creates great conditions for moss to grow. This can happen if, for example, there's a lot of thatch on your lawn. Thatch sits on top of the soil and holds moisture instead of letting it get to the roots of the grass, which encourages moss to grow. Moss can also grow in areas of your lawn where there is a lot of shade, as well as in more acidic soil and compacted soil. Solving these problems can help to deal with moss and stop it coming back. 

How can Top Grass help with a mossy lawn? 

At Top Grass, we offer services  that help to manage moss on your lawn. We can carry out processes like scarification, which gets rid of thatch so that the moisture encouraging moss to grow is no longer sitting on top of the soil. We also use special lawn treatments that are designed to tackle moss, cutting off the ability of the moss to reproduce so that it stops spreading. 

The treatment we use to battle a mossy lawn is a 2-in-1 liquid treatment that both tackles the moss and introduces a micronutrient to the soil. The iron sulphate in the treatment dehydrates the moss to stop it reproducing. It takes just an hour to see the effect that the treatment has on the moss. At the same time, the micronutrient feed strengthens the grass to help it grow. Scarification also helps to prevent moss from growing, by removing thatch using special scarification machines. 

The best time to get rid of moss 

If you need to get rid of moss on your lawn, the best time to do is in the late autumn. Between October and December is the ideal time to apply a moss treatment as the weather changes. The wet but mild weather of autumn can give moss the perfect conditions to grow, meaning you can quickly have a moss problem on your hands, while the growth of your grass slows down. Our Late Autumn Lawn Treatment is designed to tackle both of these problems and keep your lawn looking healthy. 

If you have a mossy lawn, get in touch with Top Grass today. 

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