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Bordering Ideas for your Front Garden

They say that an Englishman’s home is his castle, and that’s why homeowners love to do anything and everything that they can to make their property stand out and appear exactly as they want it. That, of course, extends to the outdoor areas of a property as well as inside and is particularly pertinent when it comes to a front garden.

A property’s front garden, after all, is always on show and is generally the first thing that a visitor or passer-by will see of any home. Taking that idea one step further, how the front garden is bordered and how its boundaries are defined, therefore, is crucially important when it comes to exactly what first impression a property makes.

With all of that in mind, then, let’s take a look at three of the main options for bordering your front garden, the choices they provide and their individual pros and cons.

Border Walls

First and foremost when it comes to bordering your front garden, you could go down the bricks and mortar route. If you do, you have a choice of exactly what kind of bricks or which building materials you wish to use and also of how tall you wish the wall to be. Furthermore, you could also decide to introduce patterning to the wall or to finish it with different shapes or arrangements at the top.

The main benefits of opting for a border wall are best explained in terms of permanence and of privacy. A bricks and mortar wall, after all, will stand up to everything that could conceivably be thrown at it down the years and can also largely shut out the outside world, depending upon its height. On the flipside, though, walls are generally more expensive and more time consuming to construct than some other options.

Border Fences

A second option for bordering your front garden is to install a fence, and that is an option with a vast array of other choices attached. Fences, after all, come in all shapes and sizes and can also be comprised of and combine a wide variety of different materials.

Flexibility and choice, as a result, is one notable benefit of going down the fencing route in your front garden. What’s more, taller fences can also deliver just as much privacy as a brick wall but will often be easier and cheaper to build, as well as being subject to fewer potential building regulations. Unlike walls, however, fences are more prone to damage and will generally require more ongoing maintenance.

Border Hedges

A final popular front garden bordering option is to plant a hedge along your property’s boundary. This option is one which is sure to appeal to someone for whom environmental friendliness is important, as such a border will not only look more natural but also provides a home for various kinds of wildlife.

With border hedges, there is a degree of choice when it comes to the exact kind of plants used but other than that, options are somewhat more limited than with walls or fences. Hedges, too, take a fair degree of time and expertise to plant properly and will need to be constantly tended to keep them tidy and looking their best.

Lawn and Plants

You can always opt for a softer option and use your lawn and plant borders to show the outline of your property. This takes a little planning, but with a lush green lawn and beautiful plants and flowers it really can create what you want without erecting walls or hedges. This is often cheaper and easier and something that you can change quite simply in the future should you wish to.

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