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Getting out in the wild this winter

When the weather gets colder it can be very tempting to hide away indoors, snuggled up on the sofa watching Christmas films. There's plenty of time to do that over the Christmas break so why not get outside, clear the cobwebs away, get some much needed exercise and visit some beautiful places at the same time.

There are plenty of places to roam in the winter time, with silvery birch trees looking almost magical and fir trees reminding us of the excitement of Christmas day it would seem such a shame not to go outside and explore.

Local Surroundings

Why not walk of that Christmas dinner, put the wellies on and find some local bridleways or footpaths to explore, much better than falling asleep on the sofa! You'll be amazed at what you might find right on your doorstep.


Geocaching is a great way to walk with a purpose, not heard of it? There's a free app you can download so it won't cost you a penny, you simply find some local geocaches on the app, then set out to try and find them using the clues and maps available. Some are easier than others to spot, if you do find one, leave your details on the paper inside the box/container and take one of the items, leaving a different item behind. It's great fun for kids and adults alike!

National Trust

There are a whole network of National Trust properties across the UK and whilst many of the houses and gardens may be closed over Christmas, most will have grounds that you can explore. Why not make a game of it and see if you can spot different types of trees and plants - extra tricky now the leaves have fallen.

Let it Snow!

It wouldn't be Christmas without the promise of snow, if we are lucky enough to get some this year then get out in the garden and build a snowman or venture to your local park for a snowball fight, if you are feeling more energetic then why not try some sledging or ice skating.

So there's no excuse not to enjoy the winter time outdoors! Enjoy!

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