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How to keep your lawn looking great during the winter

Keeping a healthy looking and beautiful lawn is important to many homeowners.  We take pride in our garden and it can be seen as both a status symbol and also a haven where we can enjoy the outdoors and immerse ourselves in nature. Lawn maintenance is an important part of keeping that great looking appearance but it is often forgotten during the long, cold winter months.  We will often lock away our lawn-mowers in the shed and enjoy some well-earned relaxation from those Saturday mornings spent tending to the grass and weeds.

Keep up the lawn maintenance in cold weather

While a rest is welcome to all; to maintain a stunning lawn and garden, it is important to continue the work and maintenance throughout the winter. There are simple preventative steps you can take to ensure your lawn survives in impeccable condition through the many frosts and cold weather. Listed below are some handy tips to consider, and should keep your lawn looking fresh right through to the glorious spring months:

1. Fertilising

During the hot summer months, grass is prone to loosing nutrients and if your lawn is not properly fertilized during the winter, it may not regain its healthy colour and bounce. Ensure you fertilise all of your lawn thoroughly.  This fertiliser will then feed the grass roots through the cold winter months.

2. Keep it tidy

A simple bit of maintenance to keep your lawn in shape is to keep it tidy. There is the temptation to leave items out on the grass such as toys, balls, and even garden furniture.  Doing so might not seem like a big problem, but in fact it compacts your lawn and gives your grass no room to grow or breath.

3. Limit access

Another easy to implement preventative measure is to limit the access to your lawn. Basically don’t let people walk on it! The more the grass is trampled on, the more compacted and damaged it will become especially over winter. Ensure your paths are clear and kindly advise people to use them at all times.

4. Adjusting mower depths

Keeping your grass short during the winter is important.  A smaller surface area will mean that the frost and cold can penetrate less of your lawn, and shorter grass will also stop animals from creating nests to hibernate in. During the autumn you can steadily decrease the height of your mower blades to shorten you grass in stages, ultimately keeping the grass short for the winter.

5. Remove Weeds

While weeds may not flourish as much during the winter, it is still important to remove any from your lawn so they cannot take root again when spring comes.

6. Aeration

Aeration is the process of sticking a fork at set intervals into your lawn. If done correctly and not in excess, it can improve the drainage of your grass and allow a greater air flow, this will all provide a healthier looking lawn that can withstand the winter.

As you can see, maintaining your lawn in the winter months is actually straightforward and if you follow the above steps, your grass will continue to look great during the cold season and be in perfect condition for the spring.

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