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A Start Of A New Season…

Here we are again, a start of another Lawn Care Season. As we approach the Spring, we look forward to experiencing more consistent weather conditions. After a very wet January and February, as the temperature increases, we hope your lawn's are starting to dry up which will allow many of you to get back on your lawn and give it its first cut !

The First Cut

Due to the mild weather throughout the Winter we have discovered that lawns haven't really stopped growing, therefore its likely your lawn is longer than usual at this time of year. It is important that your mower is on its highest setting for the first cut, you can thereafter, gradually reduce the height of cut until the desired height is reached. Avoid excessively close mowing, as although attractive, it can weaken the grass, encouraging shallow rooting and making the lawn more susceptible to drought, weeds and moss. Close mown lawns need more frequent feeding and watering. Extremely low cutting may scalp the lawn, leaving bare patches where there are bumps or tree roots protruding above the surface.

Frequent mowing of small amounts is often better than more infrequent mowing of large amounts.

Spring Treatment

The first treatment of the 2016 season consists of a granular fertiliser, applied to encourage strong growth of the plant after the Winter. A Weed Killer shall also be carried out to aid grass growth by reducing competition. If we have agreed to Scarify your lawn for the removal of moss, a Moss Control shall also be applied if previously agreed.

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