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Total Weed Control on Driveways & Patios !

Did you know we can treat the weeds in your driveways and patios? TopGrass recommend 2 to 3 treatments per year.

Left unattended, weed growth can damage your paving.

We can apply this treatment while we are at your home applying the lawn treatment.

Ideally it needs to be carried out at least twice per year. In some years, when its particularly wet, germination of weeds is a lot more frequent and may need to be carried out 3 times. We would however be happy to apply one off treatments if this is what you would prefer.

The product we use, as with all hard surface weed-killers, only kills established or emerging weeds as it is foliage applied (taken in through the leaf) it will not kill seeds or anything that has germinated after our visit.

It is important to stay off the area that has been sprayed for a few hours and even more important not to walk from the treated area on to your lawn. This may result in patches, usually in the shape of a footprint!

It will unfortunately not kill any moss.

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