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Gardening in March/April

Your garden may be your pride and joy, it may even give you all your fruit and veg. However you choose to use your garden, March/April is a good time to consider what your garden will have in store.

Here are some tips for March/April time that will really benefit your outdoor space:

  1. You can plant vegetables that are not affected by the cold. Planting vegetables that are pretty risk-free will make the most of your vegetable patches. Vegetables such as peas, parsnips and carrots.

  2. Less is more. There is no point in growing an abundance of vegetables that you may not eat. That is unless you'll be giving them to friends and family of course. If you do happen to grow too many, you could always make a soup!

  3. It's time to plant early potatoes. Early potatoes are those that are earliest to crop. Varieties such as Rocket and Lady Christl potatoes. RHS.

  4. Plant bulbs that will flower in the summer such as gladioli's. Gardener's World have some useful tips for this.

  5. Protect new spring shoots from slugs. Gardeners' World recommends using copper rings around the base of your plants. This will give slugs a shock if they do try to get to your plants.

  6. Fruit blossoms need to be protected from late frosts at this time of year. Protect soft fruit especially such as strawberries with fleece. Open these fleeces during the day so that they can still be pollinated. Head over to the RHS for more information.


Thanks for checking in on this blog. The weather is picking up and your garden will be looking even better soon, ready for the summer!


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