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Garden Design

Your garden may be a playground for your dog and children, or it might give a golf course a run for its money. Whatever your lawn plays host to throughout the year, there is plenty of garden inspiration on offer.

Gardens that are on the smaller side:

They are easier to maintain, but it can seem like a baffling idea to organise and design the space in a small garden, I know that I have that issue. If you use the space well, small spaces can be a great chance to add a creative flair to your garden. Why not plant vertically? A garden can be an extension of your indoor space when done correctly. Plant as if they were photo frames but using your walls and fences. Instead of confining your plants to the ground, use all your space and plant vertically to draw your eyes upwards.


Cottage gardens:

Cottage gardens used to be a means of growing your own fruit, veg and flowers to add an abundance of colour to your garden. This traditionally British garden style, however, has developed into inspiration for cottage owners and city dwellers alike.

Often, cottage gardens are divided by pathways. Try to use curved stone, slabs or gravel paths to separate your borders.

Urban gardens: 

Urban gardens in the midst of city life have to fulfil a number of needs. Urban gardens provide outdoor living, relaxation spaces and areas to entertain. Often, city gardens are minimal and functional or a plant's haven. 

Why not try out a fold-down table. Bringing the inside out will really open up your garden space, offering dining and entertainment spaces. Adding colour will also add character and personality to your garden space. Paint your fence to open up your potentially small space.

Formal gardens:

Formal gardens lay a template that can even be applied to smaller, urban gardens with a modern look. Formal gardens present clean lines and well-structured designs. These designs of gardens tend to centre around a main feature and use symmetry where possible.

Well shaped and clipped box hedges add structure and clean lines to your garden.

Gardens that encourage wildlife:

Bird feeders, hedgehog boxes and piles of logs all encourage wildlife to come to your garden. Bringing wildlife can also reduce the pests in your lawn such as aphids.

Top tips to make your space seem larger:


Introducing different levels into your garden will use the space high and low to make your garden appear taller and wider. By introducing decking and vertical lines will allow your eyes to pan across your whole garden like a landscape.

Think tall:

Using your walls, fences and finishing your fences off with trellis' will add height and elongate your garden. Grow climbers and hang baskets will add more dimension to your garden too.


Using light coloured materials such as light stones, gravel and slabs will reflect the light and make your garden appear larger. Bright and light colours with your flower and plant choices will get the same effect. 

Further Information:


I too am trying to revamp my garden, with a few hints and tips like this, I'll let you know how I get on.

All the best,


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