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Ideas for your Christmas Leftovers this Year - Food and Decorations Alike!

Christmas is such a joyful time of year and here at TopGrass, we thought we would share some ideas for any leftovers you might have after your festive celebrations - food and decorations alike! 

Like us, you might find that you have a bit of an avalanche of glittery wrapping paper to deal with come Christmas morning or a small mountain of roast potatoes that didn't quite get finished or you're just not quite ready to start packing up your beautiful Christmas decorations. If you are struggling with ideas on what to do with your Christmas predicaments, don't worry! We have put together a list of easy to follow tips and ideas that will make your Christmas no less festive, and help the planet out at the same time!

What to do with your leftover decorations:

If you're not quite ready to pack away your festive decorations, we have some ideas of how you can repurpose them, even after the 12th night!

A lot of us like a bit of glitter in our homes around Christmas. The way that it dances with the light makes us feel festive this time of year and lights up those dark winter nights. However, you can still get this cosy feeling in your home throughout the year, without it feeling like a winter wonderland.

Why not consider adding a little sprinkling of glitter along with your regular ornaments on the mantelpiece. Even if you have glittery stags, little bits here and there won't make this too overpowering.

Revamp what you already have:

You can easily repurpose your favourite decorations for later in the year by incorporating them into what you already have. Try putting your fairy lights in a vase or lantern that usually stands empty on your sideboard. This can create a beautiful warm glow, lovely for a cosy night in. Opt for LED lights, or solar-powered string lights if you can position this in a sunny spot in your home.

For another idea, why not pop your string lights on top of your bookcase to create a nice subtle illumination on the ceiling, or place them on window ledges in the kitchen around your plant pots, or you can even attach them to the underside of your kitchen cabinets or kitchen tops to create a nice ambience while you are cooking.

Recycle this year's Christmas cards for next year's Christmas decorations:

Often, the stigma behind Christmas cards is that they will just get thrown away in a few weeks time. However, this year, how about recycling the cards from your loved ones to make next year's statement Christmas decorations? With a template and your favourite cards, you can make a 3D star to use as an eco-friendly decoration. Click here to see a video on how to make one or view other videos on how to make recycled Christmas card baubles!

And for those decorations that just scream Christmas...

We all have some decorations that we just cannot get away with come January time, so why not go all out for New Year, as a goodbye to Christmas and a hello to 2022?

Consider filling bowls or vases with baubles as a nice table centrepiece. You could even include the previous fairy light idea with this too!

As a way of reusing and recycling, you could shred your used wrapping paper to create confetti for the big celebration. Sprinkle this on your table to dress it up nicely, or have it in cups ready to launch when the clock strikes midnight!

Mix it up with your Christmas food leftovers this Boxing Day:

A leftover Christmas dinner staple in our house is bubble and squeak. However, this year, we are going to mix it up with some of the following recipes we found:

Cheeseboard Mac and Cheese:

This quick and easy mac and cheese recipe could be a nice addition to your leftovers recipes list this year, using up the end of your cheeseboard and throwing in some of your turkey too.

For the full recipe, click here.

Bread sauce and stuffing croquettes:

Your Christmas leftovers could make some lovely snacks too. We have come across a recipe that will keep your hungry crowd happy between meals. If you click here to follow the link to find the bread sauce and stuffing croquettes, they may be worth a try this year, I know I will be making some!

Turkey and ham pie:

How about a roast turkey and ham pie recipe to use your leftovers up? There is a great recipe for this which you can find here.

Epic Christmas Toastie:

If you're feeling the Christmas sherry on Boxing Day a little too much, this could be the perfect cure for you. Use up the rest of your leftovers to make the ultimate toastie with turkey, stuffing and bubble and squeak. Click here for the recipe.

And many more!

For a whole host of Christmas leftover recipes, check out this link by clicking here to get the whole list!


We hope you all have had a lovely Christmas and find some of these tips helpful to you this year!

All the best,


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