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Why Should I Renovate my Lawn?

When you want to breathe a little life back into your garden, consider lawn renovation. Lawn renovation is a great way of bringing green lush green grass back to your garden.

The only good way to have a healthy, lush lawn is to look after your grass on a regular basis and someone like TopGrass will do just that. If your lawn isn’t looking it’s best, they will renovate and improve your lawn and then care for it on your behalf.

Why Renovate?

There are plenty of reasons you may decide to give your lawn a makeover, and we've got some of the most common reasons for you below:

  • Excessive Thatching. These always require scarifying until the machine hits the soil surface. You'll lose most of the lawn that you already have, but it's a good start to reseeding and growing a whole new lawn.
  • Fertiliser Failure. When your lawn stops responding to fertiliser treatments, it's time to call in the experts.
  • Diseased Lawn. Your lawn service will be able to tackle your diseased lawn, our TopGrass experts will recommend the best course of action for you.
  • Soil Issues. Sometimes, the grass isn't the problem; it's the soil itself. Turfing won't help you if you have soil issues; it'll just cover up the problems you're having. Again, this is where renovating comes into it’s own.

Our lawn renovation programme includes the following:

  • Pre-renovation treatment
  • Renovation day ( This will usually be Late Summer/Autumn):
  • Late Autumn Germination Check
  • Winter Germination Check
  • Spring patch seeding (if required)

Once you hand over your lawn care to the experts, you can feel confident that they will do the very best for your lawn, giving you that green lush grass you always wanted.

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