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Mrs C in Wellesbourne, Midlands

Overview of the Lawn Issues:

When Mrs C first came on board with TopGrass, our Lawn Technician, Will, found that the lawn was very weedy and was bouncy underfoot due many years of thatch build up at the base of the lawn. There were even areas of lawn dying off because the thatch build-up was so thick that it was essentially suffocating the growth of the grass plant in those patches.

The soil in the garden was also clay-based, which causes a number of problem. Water, air and nutrients would struggle to reach the grass root zone due to the relatively impermeble nature of clay-based soils. This lack of nutrients also meant that the grass roots were weak and shortened, leading to an unhealthy grass plant.

TopGrass Solutions:

Following his assessment, Will realised that the thatch build-up was so heavy that in order to create a lush green lawn, we would need to take the lawn back and start again. He recommended that Mrs C begin with the Total Reseed package for her first year to get the lawn to where it needs to be, and it is then recommended to go to the Standard package after that to maintain the lawn's health. 

As Mrs C began service with us in the late summer time, we went straight into carrying out the Total Reseed renovation service. A pre-renovation treatment was applied to prepare the lawn for the renovation visit in the weeks prior. We then carried out the Total Reseed renovation day where the lawn was scarified as many times as necessary to prepare the soil for seeding. It was then aerated twice over in order to agitate and loosen the clay-based soil to allow for an increased seed germination rate. The lawn was then fully overseeded and raked in for a clean, neat finish (please see image below). 

Will then returned to Mrs C to apply the Late Autumn Treatment and carry out the Late Autumn Germination check and the lawn had come along very nicely in the 7 weeks since the work was carried out (please see image below). The germination had a very high success rate and Mrs C's regular watering and mowing regime (as advised in our handy guide we provide) meant that the lawn was thickening up nicely. 

Mrs C Testimonial:

"I was very impressed with how the lawn has recovered after the Total Reseed, neighbours are also impressed with how it has recovered. TopGrass were very helpful, and confident with the work. I was quite anxious before it took place but it has turned out very well!"

Lawn just after autumn Total Reseed renovation was completed:

Lawn 7 weeks after Total Reseed renovation was completed:

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