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Please find below the TopGrass Blog.  Be sure to come back and read the latest articles on our thoughts, advice and tips about lawn care.

Gardening in March/April

Your garden may be your pride and joy, it may even give you all your fruit and veg. However you choose to use your... Read more

Frost on the Lawns

When Jack Frost hits, your lawn can become quite fragile and so needs extra care. One of the joys of spring is seeing... Read more

Lawn Mowing in the Winter

Countrywide, we have been hit with wild weather these last few months. The temperature has definitely dropped, the... Read more

How to prepare your lawn for winter with our winter treatment

Winter is coming and it’s important to be prepared when thinking about your lawn. The chill of winter and the change in... Read more

If your lawn is really mossy, then Top Grass can help!

If your lawn is really mossy, then Top Grass can help! Is your lawn covered in moss? It might seem better than a... Read more

Autumnal Lawn Care Advice – Look After Your Lawn This Autumn

Most gardeners, lawn enthusiasts or people who simply value a well-kept lawn, tend to do the majority of their lawn... Read more