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Please find below the TopGrass Blog.  Be sure to come back and read the latest articles on our thoughts, advice and tips about lawn care.

The Mushroom Diaries - How to Keep Them at Bay

The smell in the air after the rain showers is refreshing, but once you step outside, your lawn has sprouted various... Read more

Lawn and Order – The Lawn Care Guide

As autumn hits, now is the best time to prepare your lawn for its winter hibernation. It is starting to get darker... Read more

How our total reseed package can save you 70% of the cost of returfing

There’s nothing quite like a pristine lawn to set your garden alight. If your grass has seen better days, or your... Read more

How exactly can I look after my garden all year round?

Preparation is vital when it comes to looking after your garden. You want it to look fantastic no matter what the... Read more

What can help my garden during the hot summer months?

Is your garden looking a little worse for wear this summer season? It’s possible that heat from the morning sun has... Read more

Will my new build house garden benefit from a TopGrass treatment?

Designed to deliver exceptional lawn care TopGrass treatment is ideal for gardens, lawns, and yards of any size. Using... Read more