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Please find below the TopGrass Blog.  Be sure to come back and read the latest articles on our thoughts, advice and tips about lawn care.

Why Should I Renovate my Lawn?

When you want to breathe a little life back into your garden, consider lawn renovation. Lawn renovation is a great way... Read more

Planning a New Driveway

As far as home upgrades are concerned, a new driveway is unquestionably one of the best solutions available. It... Read more

TopGrass Over Seeding Process in Action

Here are the steps to our over seeding lawn process; - Scarify the area of lawn. - Rake up debris and put in... Read more

What type of trees are best for a smaller garden?

Trees are an essential component of any balanced, aesthetically-pleasing garden. But trees can be large, making some... Read more

This January’s Jobs for the Garden

January – the start of a fresh new year, which also comes with a lot of things for you to do in your garden. After all,... Read more

The History of Gardens

Gardens are generally considered to be planned outside spaces using plants to make a pleasing display or to cultivate... Read more